Certified by the "International Food Standard" (IFS)

Mindel-Food Lebensmittelproduktion GmbH is qualified by IFS/BRC standards

As an IFS certified manufacturer, our strict adherence to quality criteria is present in all areas, from the selection of best raw materials through top quality manufacture to the final product.

The requirements of the  International Food Standard (IFS) » Version 6, April 2014 were again achieved on June 2016 with “Higher Level” with a score of 98,75%.

The certification is renewed yearly in areas of development, production and packaging of food supplements, dietary supplements (powder mixtures, coated and uncoated tablets, capsules) as well as beverage powders, and packaging grain products, cereals, industrial bakery and pasty, confectionary and snacks, also as native food stuff like dried fruits and nut products.

As manufacturers, we are also additionally licensed for mixtures and compound feed.