Mindel-Food Products nutritional supplement powder tablets capsulesFrom idea to successful product

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Product Forms:

Powder Mixtures:

  • mineral & vitamin instant drink mixture
  • balanced, supplementary diet foodstuffs in powder form
  • protein drinks in powder form
  • mineral compound mixture
  • dietary powdered drink mixture for weight loss success.

Capsule Forms:

gelatin and cellulose capsules sized 1,0 und 00
Mindel-Food Lebensmittelproduktion GmbH

Tablet Forms


9 mm, concave
round:  11 + 13 mm, concave
round:  15 mm, flat
round:  20 mm, flat
round:  25 mm, flat
oval:  8 x 20 mm with score line
oblong:  8 x 25 mm with score line