Highlights 2012-2014Highlights 2012 - 2014

  • IFS 6 audit achieved with “Higher Level”
  • Development, establishment and implementation of self-assembly
    Development and establishment of new corporate identity and new internet presence
  • Development of automated calculation of nutritional values and allergen confirmation 
  • Mapping of complete production processes in ERP including production data acquisition, data logger system, work flow plans,  management of resources and  production management
  • Design, introduction and utilization of new document management system with digital QM handbook
    ERP implementation of module for order processing -warehouse management (oder logistics management) – purchasing-batch tracing-complaint management-controlling
  • Installment of a VOIP- phone system, individually programmable, mobile complete with phone numbers, independently of telephone lines
  • Complete network-integration with new virtualization of server structure incl. WLAN network between site production / Warehouse / Quality Management and Administration

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