Contract Production Of Tablets, Capsules and Powders

Product development and contract manufacturing
in top quality for your sophisticated customers.

Contract production is our prime business and we have serviced successful companies such as yourself since 1986. Our goal has been and continues to be offering you top quality products for your sophisticated clientele. We specialize in the development and production of health foods, nutritional supplements, dietetic foodstuffs, confectionary and other foodstuffs in tablet, hard gelatine capsule and powdered mixture forms.

Personal consulting and individual service are a matter of course for us. As in the case of our many satisfied customers, we are certain we can provide the successful product for you.

Through our close cooperation with qualified partner companies we can offer, not only foodstuff product development and contract manufacture, but also the entire contract packaging spectrum as a full service proposal. Our efficient operational processes are perfectly coordinated.

MINDEL-FOOD Lebensmittelproduktion GmbH is IFS certified   MINDEL-FOOD Lebensmittelproduktion GmbH is EG-ecological-degree certified


Lebensmittelproduktion GmbH
International Food Standard » certified



Lebensmittelproduktion GmbH
EG-ecological-degree » certified

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